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Uniform Guidelines

Uniform dress is mandatory district wide (K-8). As a National Blue Ribbon School, we pride ourselves on our noted academic excellence, school wide uniform dress, and exemplary student behavior. Students are expected to be dressed in the appropriate uniform.

The following list of clothing items may be purchased at the store of your choice:

General Guidelines

Choice of pants, walking/Bermuda shorts, skirts, and jumpers, as specified below.

Choice of shirts, blouses, polo shirts, turtlenecks, and Twain T-shirts as specified below.

No cartoons, or drawings on any clothing except approved Twain shirts and sweatshirts.

Youth organization uniforms may be worn on meeting days only. No sports uniforms may be worn.

The last Friday of every month will be a Uniform Optional Day.



Red, white or navy blue button or polo shirts, long or short-sleeved. No tank tops.

Red, white or navy blue turtlenecks, long or short-sleeved.

White blouse or polo shirt with navy trim on collar.

Red, white or navy blue Twain T-shirts or other approved Twain shirts. Collars are not mandatory.

Shirts and blouses must cover the midriff even when arms are raised above the head.



Dark navy blue fitted standard uniform pants or shorts.

Dark navy blue, fitted pants or shorts of durable fabric such as cotton twill, corduroy, or canvas.

Dark indigo, fitted denim jeans; No jeans with holes.

Bike shorts and leggings may not be worn in place of shorts or pants.

No bathing suits or pajama bottoms may be worn.

Shorts must extend past the finger tips when arms are held along the sides and not past 2 inches below the kneecap. Absolutely no short shorts or oversize, baggy-style shorts or pants.

Belts must be a fitted length and the end must be tucked up into the belt loops.


Skirts & Jumpers

Dark navy blue skirts or jumpers must extend past the finger tips when arms are held along the sides.



Plain red, white, or dark navy blue sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets with no cartoons or drawings except for approved Twain sweatshirts.



Shoes must cover the entire foot.

No sandals or any other open-toed or open-healed footwear may be worn.

No high heels may be worn.



Hair must be kept neat and clean.

Hair may not be dyed in an unnatural or overly bright color.

Unusual hair designs are not allowed. Ex: Mohawks, designs, carved in the hair, etc.

Only approved "sun protective" hats may be worn. No caps, scarves, bandanas or babushkas may be worn. (Caps may be approved for certain field trips.) Wool beanies may be worn in cold weather.


Jewelry & Make-Up

Most jewelry should be left at home. School personnel are not responsible for lost or stolen jewelry.

Jewelry must not be gaudy or distract from the learning environment.

Absolutely no dangling or hoop earrings.

Students may be asked to remove jewelry deemed inappropriate or unsafe by school personnel.

Make-up may only be worn for approved school performances.

Absolutely no acrylic nails.