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Twain's Staff

If you would like to contact a teacher or staff member, please click on the blue envelope icon to the left of the person's name to send an email through School Loop.

The names of teachers and staff members who have a webpage appear in blue below. Click on the name to view their webpage.

Principal and Counselor
Contact Patrick Booker  Patrick Booker Principal
Contact Jennifer Thomas  Jennifer Thomas Office Manager
Contact Jennifer Larsen  Jennifer Larsen Teacher
Contact Jill Tyhurst  Jill Tyhurst Teacher
Contact Karen Velasquez  Karen Velasquez Teacher
Kindergarten/First Grade Combo
Contact Marie Riray  Marie Riray Teacher
First Grade
Contact Naomi Cheely  Naomi Cheely Teacher
Contact Tabatha Goodwin  Tabatha Goodwin Teacher
Contact Herlinda Leon  Herlinda Leon Teacher
Second Grade
Contact Ryan Campbell  Ryan Campbell Teacher
Contact Laura McDonald  Laura McDonald Teacher
Contact Mary Jean Wynn  Mary Jean Wynn Teacher
Second/Third Grade Combo
Contact Vivian Carter  Vivian Carter Teacher
Third Grade
Contact Miranda Alford  Miranda Alford Teacher
Contact Catherine Desmond  Catherine Desmond Teacher
Contact Kelly Olsen  Kelly Olsen Teacher
Contact Lisa Steele  Lisa Steele Teacher
Fourth/Fifth Grade Combo
Contact Mary Campbell  Mary Campbell Teacher
Contact Sujin Yi  Sujin Yi Teacher
Fifth Grade
Contact Connie Broadway  Connie Broadway Teacher
Contact Summer Stame  Summer Stame Teacher
Contact Shannon Lockhart  Shannon Lockhart Teacher
Contact Sarah Guzzino  Sarah Guzzino Teacher
Contact Carrie White  Carrie White Teacher
Reading Intervention
Contact Eunice Park  Eunice Park Staff
Contact Jeanne Powell  Jeanne Powell Staff