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Parent Green Team

How can parents get involved with the Green Team?


Parent volunteers are crucial to our club.  We have a fantastic group of parents who have made the Green Team such a success at Twain, but we are always looking for more!!   Volunteering with Green Team is a great way to ensure you leave a healthy planet for your child in the future and also a great way to connect with your child right now!

  1. Help out with the lunchtime recycling program    With the help of our parent volunteers (just like you!) we reduced lunchtime trash by 85%!!   Shifts are done during the students' lunchtime from 11:00-11:40am at the lower-grade benches and 12:00-12:40am at the upper grade benches.   We provide training, though if you recycle at home you are more than qualified to help out during lunchtime.  You are paired with a student Green Team member and the two of you will help the students recycle their waste from lunch.  Easy!!  VIP clearance is required.
  2. Help out with the Student Green Team club  The student Green Team club meets once a month and we need helpers who can help prep the activities, help out at the meetings, help think of new ideas for activites for the club.  This is a perfect job for a parent who already has a student in the Green Team!
  3. Help out with Bottles and Cans Day  On the last Friday of every month the Green Team collects bottles and cans from the Twain community.  Families drop off their bottles and cans at the upper and lower grade valets and we need lots of helpers!
  4. Help out behind the scenes  The Green Team has lots of behind the scenes jobs such as: creating flyers, calling students to remind of their recycling shift, creating schedules for both the parent and student lunchtime recycling shifts, saving reusable materials for upcoming Green Team crafts, and so much more.  There are lots of possible jobs for parents who have younger children who can't help out at school directly and also for parents who work during school hours and still want to help out at school.

Email Aaron Barnett at for more information on any of these activities!

A few of our amazing parent volunteers!
parent volunteers