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Citizen of the Month

Each month, teachers select one or two students in their classes to receive special recognition as "Citizen of the Month."  We believe this program is an effective tool for promoting and building character in our student body. To help students understand how to achieve this award, teachers at Twain have incorporated the character traits described in the best-selling children's book (K-6 Grade), Inch and Miles, The Journey to Success, by Coach John Wooden, into their lessons. In a very simple way, Coach Wooden teaches children that character counts.

At the beginning of the school year, teachers review all of the traits: Hard Work, Friendship, Loyalty, Cooperation, Enthusiasm, Self-Control, Alertness, Action, Determination, Fitness, Skill, Team Spirit, Poise and Confidence. Below is the schedule for the traits Twain will be focusing on through-out the school year:

  • September - Review all
  • October - Hard work and Friendship
  • November - Loyalty and Cooperation
  • January - Enthusiasm and Self-Control
  • February - Alertness and Action
  • March - Determination and Fitness
  • April - Skill and Team Spirit
  • May - Poise and Confidence

Following are ways that you can reinforce these concepts at home in "kid friendly language."

Hard Work:  Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Put effort into everything you do. You will see results!

Enthusiasm: Make each day special. Be eager. Enjoy what you are doing.

Friendship: To make friends, be a friend.

Loyalty: Be trustworthy. Help people you care about; they are depending on you.

Cooperation: Be more interested in finding the best way, not in having your way.

Self-Control: Control yourself so others won't have to.

Alertness: What you learn after you know it all is what counts. Watch and learn every day.

Action: Be quick, but don't hurry.

Determination: Slow and steady gets you ready.

Fitness: Act, eat and think right. Take care of yourself. Eat right and exercise for a healthy mind and body.

Skill: Practice makes perfect.

Team Spirit: Be eager to help your team.  Encourage others.

Poise: Be yourself. Be comfortable with who you are. You will be at-ease in any situation.

Confidence: Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too!

Focusing on and developing these character traits leads to success.

Inch & Miles: The Journey to Success

by Coach John Wooden

Inch & Miles: The Journey to Success! by Coach John Wooden