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A fathers’ group called the D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) was established at Twain five years ago. This group gives opportunities to dads/significant male figures to get involved in school activities throughout the year. Too often a man will show up at a PTA meeting, never to be seen again. The D.O.G.S. will once again have several exciting and rewarding programs offered this year, such as, hosting our Valentine Dance, Beach Clean Up, our D.O.G.S. Play to reward kids for RAD reading and more. The group also provides a morning “Valet Service” to ensure that students are dropped off safely and traffic moves smoothly. To sign up or find out more information, please contact our Top Dog Donny Clemena at

Even if you can only offer one day a semester, Donny will be able to put your volunteerism to work.


Every year the Twain D.O.G.S. organize the following activities and events:

  • D.O.G.S. Play - During the month of March, Twain hosts a reading challenge for students.  Every student that reads each day throughout the month will get to attend a funny play put on by our creative D.O.G.S.  Twain students look forward to this hilarious event every year! 
  • Holiday Food Drive - The D.O.G.S. partner with the Long Beach Rescue Mission to help fight hunger during the holiday season by asking for donations from our caring Twain families.
  • Intramural Sports -  Kids enjoy after-school sport activities organized by the D.O.G.S.
  • Valentine's Day Dance - The D.O.G.S. decorate a local gymnasium and provide a DJ to get students and their families on their feet.
  • Valet Service - The D.O.G.S. provide a safe and convenient way for students in 1st through 5th grades to be dropped-off at the curb by their parents.

The D.O.G.S. also assist the PTA with many activities on campus.

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