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Counselor's Corner

The Long Beach Unified School District has established the following mission statement for counselors:

“Counselors advocate for the social/emotional, career and academic success of all students.

  • Provide resources for the needs of our diverse community
  • Facilitate productive communication
  • Promote student self-confidence, responsibility and dignity
  • Inspire young people to develop to their fullest potential.”

At Twain, the counselor provides strategies and resources to students, teachers and parents to provide social/emotional and behavioral support. Academically, the counselor is in charge of all testing (STAR, GATE, CELDT). The counselor coordinates Student Success Team (SST) meetings and serves as administrative designee at many Individual Educational Plan (IEP) meetings. The counselor is in charge of enrollment/class placement, as well as middle school matriculation. 

Please call the school office, e-mail, or stop by if you need to speak with the counselor.