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Be Green & Earn $ for Twain!

Bottles & Cans

Every month, each student receives a white kitchen bag with instructions for collection attached. The bottles and cans collection date is the last Friday of each month, which coincides with Free Dress Day!  Bags can be dropped off at Sunfield St. gate (lower grades) and on Centralia St. near the valet drop-off (upper grades).

Reminder:  Please uncap all plastic bottles before putting them in for recycling. It takes our volunteers hours to go through every bag and uncap every bottle. Your cooperation is appreciated.


At lunchtime, students who happen to have a Capri Sun or bag of chips are being asked to place them in our Terra-cycle bins. Please remind your students to only deposit empty containers and remove all Capri Sun straws. The bins will be emptied weekly and the items shipped to Terracyle, so we can earn money while keeping these packages out of the landfills!

Used ink cartridges

What does your office do with their empty ink cartridges? Perhaps you can ask if they would donate them to Twain. Just place all your used ink cartridges (printer, xerox machine, etc..) in the box in the office marked Green Team Cartridge Recycling, and you'll be helping our school earn money and divert trash.

Be Cool Recycle In School